Using YouTube to Elevate Your Brand

By Amanda GarrityYoutubelogo1

If you check the Internet on a Millennial’s computer, it is likely that YouTube is bookmarked. If not, it will certainly be one of their most-visited websites. YouTube provides endless hours of entertainment to Millennials, creating prime advertising opportunities to reach this key demographic. Recently, it was announced that YouTube beat out traditional media by reaching more 18-49 year olds than any U.S. cable network. With subscriptions on brand channels rising 47 percent in the last year, viewers are clearly paying attention to what brands have to say via YouTube. Brands looking to reach a younger audience should take advantage of this video-sharing site to showcase their creativity, strengthen customer relationships and increase mass appeal.

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New Team Member Spotlight: Amanda Lehmert

AmandaAmanda Lehmert recently joined RLF Communications as a director for financial and professional services brands. In this role, she helps to craft and implement communications strategies for a variety of B2B clients.

Tell us a little about your work experience and what attracted you to RLF.

I had been a professional print journalist for 12 years. I was familiar with Monty Hagler, and admired the work RLF had done on the 2008 Greensboro bond campaign. When I heard RLF was looking for a strong writer who could work quickly on deadline, I jumped at the opportunity to work here.

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New Team Member Spotlight: Carolyn Kuzmin

carolynOur second recent hire is Carolyn Kuzmin, who has joined RLF as a communications manager, supporting a variety of clients through media relations and research.

Tell us a little about your work experience and what attracted you to RLF.

I graduated from Elon University this past May with a degree in marketing and a concentration in communications. Last summer, I interned for fashion designer Elie Tahari in the marketing department. During my junior and senior years in college, I was also involved in Live Oak Communications, Elon’s student run agency where I got the opportunity to work with clients and become exposed to agency life. This spring, I interned with RLF and was immediately attracted to the people, size and culture of the office as well as the work. It turned out to be the perfect fit post-grad as well, so here I am!

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New Team Member Spotlight: Marissa Pierre

IMG_0176Marissa Pierre recently joined RLF Communications as a communications manager, supporting a variety of clients through social media and media relations efforts.

Tell us a little about your work experience and what attracted you to RLF.

I recently graduated from High Point University with a degree in strategic communication. While in college I held several internships where I honed my PR and marketing skills, and by senior year I knew I was prepared to pursue a full-time career in communications. During my job search I spoke with a classmate who told me about her rewarding experience as an intern at RLF. I was immediately interested, so she connected me with the agency, and everything fell into place. Company culture was a big factor for me when deciding on a workplace, and when I visited RLF, I was immediately drawn to its welcoming, professional and enthusiastic atmosphere. I couldn’t ask for a more fitting place to work.

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Public Relations Lessons From Celebrities That Apply to Not-So-Celebrity Clients

By Heather Ebert

Recently, singer Taylor Swift penned an open letter to Apple via her Tumblr page expressing dissatisfaction with Apple Music’s policy to not pay artists for music streamed during the service’s free three-month trial period. She stated that because of this policy she would not release her album “1989” on the platform. Apple quickly reversed its policy and pledged to pay artists during the trial period, which began June 30.

The intensity and reach of the public eye often requires that celebrities like Swift be very transparent and responsive with the media and their fans, especially when news stories or scandals break. There are many celebrities that handle such events almost seamlessly, but there are others whose actions make the situation worse. There are lessons to be learned from both. Here are the top three PR do’s and don’ts that we can take from celebrities.

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History in the Making: How Brands Showed That #lovewins

By Amanda Garrity

imagesThe world was exceptionally colorful on Friday, June 26. From Twitter feeds to the illuminated White House, everyone was buzzing about the historic Supreme Court ruling, which made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Responding to current events, especially ones with international news coverage and online engagement, is a great way for brands to showcase timeliness and relevance. It can also bring added attention to their brand and gets people talking, a win in the world of public relations.

The following four brands captured our interest (and hearts) by the way they uniquely and creatively showed their support of the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Summer Intern Spotlight: Heather Ebert

Heather EbertIdentifying a sector in the communications field that is the right fit for each person can be challenging. Public relations professionals work for a variety of businesses, nonprofits and government companies both nationally and internationally.

At RLF, interns are exposed to agency life. They get a firsthand look at how professionals multitask, work in teams and move forward in a fast-paced environment. Then, they are one step closer to narrowing down where they want to start their future career.

Our final summer intern spotlight is on Heather.

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