History in the Making: How Brands Showed That #lovewins

By Amanda Garrity

imagesThe world was exceptionally colorful on Friday, June 26. From Twitter feeds to the illuminated White House, everyone was buzzing about the historic Supreme Court ruling, which made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Responding to current events, especially ones with international news coverage and online engagement, is a great way for brands to showcase timeliness and relevance. It can also bring added attention to their brand and gets people talking, a win in the world of public relations.

The following four brands captured our interest (and hearts) by the way they uniquely and creatively showed their support of the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Summer Intern Spotlight: Heather Ebert

Heather EbertIdentifying a sector in the communications field that is the right fit for each person can be challenging. Public relations professionals work for a variety of businesses, nonprofits and government companies both nationally and internationally.

At RLF, interns are exposed to agency life. They get a firsthand look at how professionals multitask, work in teams and move forward in a fast-paced environment. Then, they are one step closer to narrowing down where they want to start their future career.

Our final summer intern spotlight is on Heather.

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Summer Intern Spotlight: Rebecca Phillips

RebeccaThe communications industry is constantly in flux and there is always room to learn. Even after attending comprehensive classes at a college or university, students should strive to supplement knowledge with real world experience.

At RLF, our interns work alongside seasoned industry professionals to learn the ins and outs of public relations, marketing and advertising.

Today our summer intern spotlight is on Rebecca.

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Summer Intern Spotlight: Amanda Garrity

Amanda GarrityRLF recently held its annual summer intern bootcamp to welcome three new interns to the team. In an effort to introduce students to the company and give them insight into communications tasks they will complete, team members gave short presentations on industry topics. For example, Vice President Michelle Rash shared tips for making the most out of an internship at RLF and Communications Manager Alyssa Bedrosian pointed out effective uses of social media.

This summer we are welcoming to the team Heather Ebert, Amanda Garrity and Rebecca Phillips. Our first intern spotlight is on Amanda. 

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3 Things PR Pros Should Know Before Working With Bloggers

By Amanda Limoges

We’ve all heard it before: Media relations is rapidly changing and bloggers have become an emerging, more common source of news. In fact, blogs might even be the perfect outlet for sharing a client’s story, but how they function and expect to be contacted can often be misunderstood by PR pros. Since I began working at RLF, I have had the opportunity to work with bloggers on behalf of numerous clients, and have developed a few best practices along the way:

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New Team Member Spotlight: Kent Chilton

We recently added to the RLF creative team with the addition of Kent Chilton as a graphic designer. Kent has already brought his deep experience and a keen eye to a variety of client projects and we are excited to have him on board. 

Tell us a little about your work experience and what attracted you to RLF.

Years ago I was lucky to land a job in photography. I was already considering a design career and that creative environment helped push me to pursue an industry like advertising. I’ve been in creative positions for many years, both at agencies and in-house design departments.

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