No Agency is an Island

Remember how we like to build relationships? We also like to grow our relationships into partnerships.

worldcomAs an active member of Worldcom, the world’s leading partnership of global communications agencies, we have 93 partners across the globe – six continents to be exact. Some firms are multifaceted like us and others specialize in niche industries.

With Worldcom, we have access to thousands of professionals who understand the language, culture and customers of the geographic areas where they operate. So even if one agency is actually located on an island, it doesn’t have to function as one.

Worlcom-AR-2016-download-1You can learn more about the Worldcom partnership by downloading the 2016 Annual Report here. In an effort to showcase the value of such a globally connected and experienced partnership that thrives off collaboration and professionalism, RLF has created this piece consecutively for two years.